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About Us

Founded in 1985, Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou or OBKG (previously Osaka International Language School) has a 28-year history of helping students from all over the world reach their goals. We believe in an all-encompassing education and guide our students academically and otherwise to reach their goals, and continue to attend university at the Undergraduate level, Graduate level, or vocational school. Up until now, we have had more than 2,000 students graduate from our school. Not only do we conduct lessons for International students to improve their Japanese language skills and understanding of the Japanese culture, we also put in our best efforts to guide them in their daily lives so they can live in Japan with a peace of mind.

School Facilities

We have two school buildings (the main building with three floors and an annex with five floors, equipped with an elevator). We have a total of 12 classrooms and a reading room with more than 4000 books that can be lent out to students. There are student computers placed outside the staff room, and students are free to use them. Wireless internet can be accessed from anywhere in the school building, and students can bring their personal computers or tablets to access the internet.

View of the school with the students View from outside the school Classroom Reading Room In the classroom, equipped with Wi-Fi

Understanding Japanese Culture

Reference materials on specialized fields

OBKG provides students with daily and financial newspapers. Students in the advanced classes can use them as reference materials during classes on Current Events in Japan, while those preparing for Unversity entrance examination and those applying for work can also use the materials to help them write their application paper. We also provide books on various topics, such as Management, Economics, Sociology, Welfare Studies, Language, Policy Studies and more.

School's vicinity

Our school is located 5 minutes away by foot from the JR Tenma Station and the Subway Ogimachi Station, and is in the middle of a residential area, providing a quiet and suitable environment for learning. There are 3 big parks located near the school, where students can relax after studying, take a walk, and have a change of pace.
In addition, there is a shopping street that stretches for about 2km located 2 minutes away by foot, with a variety of things to see. Umeda (the city center) and Osaka JR station are just 15 minutes away by foot. Also, 5 minutes away by foot is Tenmangu, a shrine where one of the 3 biggest Japanese festivals, the Tenjin-matsuri is held every year.

Osaka Castle - Osaka Castle Park, 25 minutes by foot Broadcasting Office and exercise park - Ogimachi Park, 5 minutes by foot Total length of approximately 2km - Japan's longest shopping street, Tenjinbashisuji, 3 minutes by foot Symbol of Aqua Metropolis Osaka - Kyu Yodo River, 5 minutes by foot The center of Kansai - Osaka Station (Umeda), 15 minutes by foot

Greetings and School Mission

Toshihiko Oka

Toshihiko Oka, President

Osaka International School of Culture and Language provides education on the Japanese language and culture to International students who come from all over the world to study in Japan. Of course, we do not only provide academic guidance, we also place emphasis on coaching students in their daily lives so they can live in Japan with a peace of mind. At OBKG, we aim to encourage graduates to continue to Japanese universities, graduate schools, vocational schools, and acquire advanced knowledge and skills after graduating.

Oka Takeshi

Oka Takeshi, Principal

I find the greatest pleasure in seeing our school graduates return to their home countries and succeed in what they do. I felt especially happy when I heard that some of our graduates had set up Japanese language schools, while others had established companies, upon returning home. Founded in 1985, Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou or OBKG (previously Osaka International Language School) has a 28-year history of helping students from all over the world reach their goals. Up until now, we have had more than 2,000 students graduate from our school, and I always look forward to hearing more good news about our graduates’ success. All our staffs and teachers are ready to support you in your learning, and I am sure that the experience of studying abroad in Japan will be a good investment. I also hope you can make many friends with other students who have come to Japan from various countries with the same goal of learning the Japanese language and culture.

Educational Policy

To help students discover and achieve their full potential, and create a bright future

To inquire
One-on-one consultation with students to discuss their goals and form a plan to achieve them.
To convey
To explain things in an easy-to-understand manner, including clarifying the features of each Graduate school, University, and vocational school so as to help students make informed decisions.
To nurture
To keep improving the quality of education at our school, we provide teachers with training

Teachers' Profiles

Miyuki Inoue
Vice Principal

Miyuki Inoue, Vice Principal

Japan is known worldwide for its unique culture and advanced technology. Are you interested in Anime? Manga? Robotics? Information and Communication Technology? Nanotechnology or Biotechnology? What do you want to study and what kind of work would you like to do? As a teacher at OBKG, I will put my best efforts to help you achieve your dreams. In addition to having taught the Japanese language in Indonesia for 4 years, and being a teacher at OBKG for 14 years, I have had the experience of helping many students achieve their goals and get into universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools. Now let us work together in creating a bright future in Japan and at OBKG. I am sure you will look back and see that you have made the right decision by coming to Japan.

Shizue Maekawa
Head of Curriculum

Shizue Maekawa, Teacher

Please take a moment and think about who you will become in a few years. And now, to become that person, why don't you come and study the Japanese language with us? At OBKG, we have various teachers with different personalities: a teacher who are full of enthusiasm, teachers who are tough, teachers who are powerful... and all of them share the same goal of supporting the students so they can make their dreams come true. I hope to meet all of you in our classrooms.

Sachiko Kitano

Sachiko Kitano, Head of Curriculum

To students who want to study in Japan,
I have met many International students at OBKG, and they are all very diligent. Amongst them are students who showed more developments than the others, and these are the proactive students. These students examine problems, find solutions, and compare data. They are also often the ones who cooperate with the other students, and the ones who can take on the role of a leader. I hope that all of you who decide to study in Japan can learn and gain knowledge, and at the same time, grow to become proactive people; because the world is seeking for strong leaders.

Misa Morikawa

Misa Morikawa, Teacher

Teachers at OBKG earnestly help and guide each student. Apart from focusing on their studies, students also have fun and create good memories through participating in events and activities such as Sports Day and going on school trips. You might feel worried about living by yourself in a foreign land, but I am sure it will not take long before you enjoy your new life here!

Tomoko Yamaguchi

Tomoko Yamaguchi, Teacher

"Why do you want to learn the Japanese language?" To learn a language, one needs to put in a lot of hard work and perseverance; but the effort you put in will only expand your horizons. I will put in my best efforts and work alongside you to achieve your dreams and goals, and I hope that while studying at OBKG, and while experiencing the charm of Japan, you will also realize your potential.

Access Map

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Osaka International School of Culture and Language

〒530-0035 Osaka City, Kita Ward, Doushin 2-11-12 Japan

School History

October 2004
Osaka Kokusai Gakuin integrated with Oka Gakuen School Corporation Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou
Oka Gakuen School Corporation merged with Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou
April 2002
Oka Gakuen School Corporation Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou is established
October 1991
Osaka Kokusai Gakuin moved to Kita Ward, Osaka
February 1985
Osaka Kokusai Gakuin founded in Sakai City, Osaka

TEL: 06-6882-1435
Mail: obkg@japanese.ac.jp
QQ: 2240966659

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