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Long-term Course

The rate of International students who move on to higher education at OBKG is higher than that of the National average. Thanks to the one-on-one sessions with the teachers in charge, and the teachers' guidance, students are able to get into the Universities and faculties that they are aiming for.


July 2020 Admission (1 year 9 months)   ※Only few seats left!

This course is for students who wish to continue to Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, Vocational School, or look for employment in Japan.
≪July 6, 2020~ March 11, 2022≫

Application deadline: February 14, 2020

Application Documents

● Student Documents

  1. Application Form (provided by OBKG to be filled out by student applicant)
  2. Personal History (provided by OBKG to be filled out by student applicant)
  3. Original copy of Graduation Certificate/ Diploma, OR proof of Graduation (if currently enrolled, please provide proof of enrollment)
  4. Photocopies of JLPT Score Certificate and/or J-Test Score Certificate if applicable (for students who have taken the examination)
  5. Photographs 3 cm X 4 cm [8 pieces]

● Financial Guarantor Documents

  1. Letter of Expenses (provided by OBKG to be filled out by guarantor)
  2. Proof of Funds from bank
  3. Proof of relationship between the student and the guarantor (such as Family Registration Certificate)
  4. Guarantor’s Proof of Employment

Short-term Course

2-month program or longer (Geared toward those without a student visa)

New classes will be opened on the following dates:
・Elementary Japanese Class has been closed since April 2018.
・Those who are at Intermediate or Advanced levels can apply any time.


TEL: 06-6882-1435
Mail: obkg@japanese.ac.jp
QQ: 2240966659

We are taking applications!

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