OBKG - 学校法人 岡学園 大阪文化国際学校

Courses and Tuition


Admission Requirements
Minimum of 12 years of education (has at least graduated high school) or equivalent.
Maximum Number of Students
500 students

Long-term course

Month of EnrollmentCourse LengthApplication Period
April 2 years (University preparation/ General)
1 year (General only)
October 1 - November 1
July 1 year 9 months (University preparation/ General) January 10 - March 1
October 1 year 6 months (University preparation/ General) April 1 - May 15
January 1 year 3 months (University preparation/ General) July 1 - August 15

Short-term course

Month of EnrollmentCourse LengthApplication Period

12 weeks (short term)
  8 weeks (short term)



Screening fee
JPY 20,000- (Upon application)
In the case that Student Visa cannot be issued by the Japanese embassy, Admission fee and Screening fee WILL NOT be refunded.
Japanese National Health Insurance fee (¥ 20,000/1 year) is to be paid upon issuance of Certificate of Eligibility)

Long-term course

CourseAdmission feeTuition feeExtra Curricular Activities feeTuition feeExtra Curricular Activities fee
1 year 3 months JPY 80,000- JPY 640,000- JPY 80,000- JPY 160,000- JPY 10,000-
1 year 6 months JPY 80,000- JPY 640,000- JPY 80,000- JPY 320,000- JPY 20,000-
1 year 9 months JPY 80,000- JPY 640,000- JPY 80,000- JPY 480,000- JPY 30,000-
2 year JPY 80,000- JPY 640,000- JPY 80,000- JPY 640,000- JPY 40,000-
  First academic yearSecond academic year

Short-term course

CourseAdmission feeTuition feeFacility fee
JPY 30,000- JPY 165,000- JPY 5,000-
JPY 30,000- JPY 110,000- JPY 5,000-


Dormitory processing feeBoarding fee
(3 months)
Utility fees
JPY 70,000- JPY 132,000- Differs according to usage
  • 1 person per room
  • It takes 10 minutes to walk from the dormitory to the school.
  • There is an air conditioner and refrigerator in the room. The gas, water, and Internet is free.
  • The basic living necessicites are provided. Spoon,table, toilet paper, and etc..
  • The dormitory has an auto lock on the front door and there is a female staff member available everday.
  • A coin laundry room is present within the dormitory.

Please click here for pictures of the school dormitory and student life in Osaka. 

Scholarship System

Scholarships from OBKG

OBKG scholarship recipients

  1. OBKG Academic Scholarship for JLPT N1/N2 top scorers
  2. OBKG Academic Scholarship for EJU top scorers
  3. One-time scholarship granted by OBKG twice a year (Spring and Autumn) to outstanding students. Recipients will receive   ¥ 50,000.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship

JASSO scholarship recipents

  1. JPY 30,000/month x 12 months

Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons for students who wish to learn and/or improve their conversation skills, Kanji, Business Japanese skills, JLPT preparation, everyday conversation skills, and other areas. The contents of the lessons will be based on the student's objectives and Japanese language skills.

Admission Fee
JPY 30,000-
Tuition fee
JPY 150,000- (90 minutes/lesson x 25 lessons)

Weekdays only. Day and time can be discussed with the person in charge

TEL: 06-6882-1435
Mail: obkg@japanese.ac.jp
QQ: 2240966659

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